Adding a News Article to Facebook (with video)

You are now able to post a News article to your schools/district Facebook page. 

Once you have created a News article you are now able to post that to Facebook. Once the news article has been created you will now see a icon that you can click on to post this to the district Facebook OR your personal Facebook page.

You will first need to go to the district or building details page depending on your permission for the building you are assigned to. You will click them the edit button. Click on Log Into Facebook. You will then verify and log in. Once logged in you will need to select from the drop down the Pages-(Facebook page name),if you choose User Wall it will post to your personal facebook page. You must be an administrator to that account to be able to post to your district or building facebook page. Then once logged in you will click on the Facebook icon next to the news article which will then post it to Facebook.

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