Google Calendar Feeds Training (with video)

The video here shows you how you will now have the option to sync your Google Calendar with the Schoolpointe calendar. 

1. You will need to go to the security area of the CMS search for the user you want to have the permission and edit their name

2. Scroll down under Calendar permissions and give them the calendar feeds permission then save the user.

3. Go back to the CMS home page.

4. Click on Events Calendar or you can go through the District or Building Management and click on calendar events.

5. On the right click on Calendar Feeds.

6. To add a new calendar feed click Add Calendar feed (Ical feed)

7. Enter what you want the feed name to be (ie. Athletics, Middle School, High School....)

8. Go to your Google calendar, click on the arrow next to the actual name of the calendar and go to calendar settings. **For instructions on the new Google Calendar, please skip to the steps located under the video**

9. Scroll down to where it says Calendar Address and click the green Ical button - make sure not to click on the Private Address.

10. Highlight the address for the calendar and copy the link.

11. Go back to the CMS of the website and paste in Feed URL.

12. Select which event type the events are associated to.

13. Select which calendar you want these events to show

14. Click Save feed

15. Once you are back to the calendar feed page click refresh feed and a check mark will appear.

16. When checking your actual Google Calendar it may take a few minutes for the events to show if there are a significant amount of events in the calendar.

** NOTE**
Feeds will sync every 12 hours from the time you create the calendar feed in the SchoolPointe system. If you need to sync it before the 12 hours you can go into the calendar feed and click the refresh button next to the feed to update it manually.


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