Using the eSurvey Module (with video)

The eSurvey Module allows you to create surveys for your staff, students, parents, community to get information for a specific item.

You will first create the Survey Name and then a Pin #

** A Pin # can only be used one time for survey. So if you use 123 you can not use that for a new survey. It also must consist of #’s only.

To add info to your survey you will do the next steps:

1. Survey Description is what you want them to know about the Survey before they take it.
2. Instructions what specific instructions you might have you can add here.
3. Confirmation Message the message want them to see once they are done taking the survey.
You will then enter your Start and End date
# of Questions you want on a page and then select the survey active and if you wish to have them complete this anonymously.

Once you have all info created you will then click on Survey Questions tab at the top.

You will then enter your Questions text and then what type of question you would like this to be, such Multiple Choice, True or False, or Text Answer. You will then save and go to your next question.

Once you have created all questions and saved you can then click on Page Viewer to rearrange your questions if you would like them to be in a different order.

Once the Survey has been completed by those you wish to take it you can then go to the main eSurvey Page and click on Survey results. Once you click on Survey Results you will be able to see the following reports.
Report Types:
Statistical Report
Full Individual Report
Completed Survey Individual Report
Full Excel Report

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