Using the Intranet Module (with video)

The intranet is used for staff members to see information that just pertains to them that the public cannot view. 
To log into the Intranet you will click from the website home page in the footer on Intranet Login. It will then ask you for your username and password which will be the same as your CMS login.

Once you are logged in you will be able to see the info such as news, forms, links, a message from the Superintendent, and events. 

If you are a administrator and need to add info to the Intranet you will log into the CMS and there will be a black box called intranet that you will click on to begin to add your information. 

You have the options to add Staff News, forms, links, events and superintendent notes which all work the same as with in the district & building management areas. 
You can also add content pages and edit your navigation. You can move your quick links add new ones and link out to other areas. If you link out to a district or building page or an outside website please remember that you are not in the intranet any longer so those are public areas. 

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