New URL's for pages

New URL's for Pages

You can access a particular page just by adding the friendly URL. Open up your district homepage, copy and paste the friendly url below to the end of your district homepage url to access the page you want to view.

District website is:
I want to view the district calendar. I would add 
/calendar to the end of that url. making it 


ADA report: /ada-report

Admin Department Listing: /administration

Alumni: /alumni

Athletics: /athletics

Blog: /Blog

Board of Education: /board

Bully Report: /harassment-bullying-report

Calendar: /calendar

Communications: /Communication

Employment: /employment

Forms: /District/Forms

Forms & Links: /District/Links-Forms

Home: /

Links: /District/Links

Login: /login

Login Intranet: /Login/Intranet

News: /news

Photo Gallery: /Gallery

Profile Page: /District/Profile

School Listing: /schools

Staff: /staff

Superintendent: /superintendent

Teacher Page Listing: /0/teacher

Workshop: /workshop


Schools: X=SchoolID

ADA report: /ada-report/X

Calendar: /calendar/X

Forms: /X/Forms

Forms & Links: /X/Links-Forms

Home: /X/home

Links: /X/Links

Lunch Menu: /X/lunch

News: /X/news

Newsletters: /X/News/Letters

Photo Gallery: /X/Gallery

Principal Message: /X/Principal

Profile Page: /X/Profile

School Listing: /schools

Staff: /X/staff

Teacher Page Listing: /X/teacher


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