Manage Assigned Building Access

This new feature allows you to assign users the access to give permission to staff within their building to update areas. 

1. Go to security and search your user. 
2. Select user and then go to assignments tab at the top. 
3. Select which building(s) they belong. 
4. Click on security tab next to assignments. 
5. Scroll down to building permissions and select Enable Building Access
6. You will now see Assigned Buildings Security Permission - This will use their assignment of their school to give them permissions. 
7. Select which permission you want them to have. 
8. Scroll to top and Save user

Website Overall Admin
Under Staff & Security there are additional permissions that you can give to building webmasters, principals... That you want to be able to give out permissions to staff within their buildings

1. Scroll down to Staff Permissions
2. Select Manage Assigned Building Staff- This will allow them to edit staff that is at their specific building. 
3. Scroll to Security Access
4. Select Enable Manage Assigned Building Staff Permissions- This will now allow the user to give permission to users within their building to update areas of their building site. 

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