Using the Teacher Webpage classroom features (Announcements, Assignments, etc.)

On a Teacher Webpage you have the option to add Announcements, Assignments, Blogs, Files & Links, or Photo Galleries.

By clicking on the Edit Name beside Class Announcements or one of the sections, you can change the name of that section to your preference. You can also disable sections if you do not want to use those areas or they are a work in progress.

Class Calendar
To add a class event click on "Add Event" under the calendar.  Enter your event Headline (Title); choose which classroom it belongs with, when the event starts & time if there is a time, select end date and time, enter the location and then any additional information. Click "SAVE". This will show on that class calendar along with your main homepage calendar.

Add your display Title and enter the description of your Announcement. You may also add an image to the announcement if you wish. Click "SAVE".

With each class assignment add the name, the date you are assigning, date it is due, and the description of the assignment. You can then choose to allow the students to submit assignments online for your review or for download. When students submit an assignment online, it will date & time stamp when it was submitted. They do have to enter their first and last name when they submit the assignment. Click "SAVE".

When you choose the assign date, that is the date that it will show up on the assignments area. If you put a future date, it will not show up until then.

NOTE: An online classroom assignment will archive itself at 12:01 am and will stay on your teacher webpage under the archived assignments for 45 days. On the CMS, the assignment will stay as long as you do not delete it. This will allow you to reuse the assignment year after year if you choose to do so.  

Class Files & Links
Adding a Folder
When you add a folder to your files, it allows you to separate files from your students and parents.  This will make it easy to find. You also have the option to hide a folder if it is something that is not ready to be public. Click "SAVE".
Adding a File
When creating a file, select which folder you want the file stored. Enter the file name, choose the file from your computer, select if you want that file to open in a new window, and enter a brief description.  Click "SAVE".
Adding a Link

When adding a link, choose the folder (if you would like it in a folder), title, website address, open in a new window if you wish, and a brief description. Click "SAVE".

Image Gallery
Choose if you want a gallery or a slideshow and then select add images. Enter the title, select browse and find images on your computer. Once image names pop up, select "Save Gallery" and your images will be uploaded.


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