Options Overview


  1. Calendar will be seen once you are logged into the home page. This will contain requests pertinent to you and your building(s).
  2. Requests is where you will find all Ticket Requests and Resource Requests that have been submitted to your building.
  3. Knowledge Base will allow you to view and update important articles. The articles in the knowledge base will appear to the user when adding a title to a maintenance ticket that is relevant. This will help with recurring tickets, or if you wanted to head off a known problem.
  4. Resource Dashboard will allow you to be able to see and create widgets for Resources you may want to reserve or watch for new options to come available.
  5. Types is where you can create the types you want to use within Ticket & Resources - Ex: Resource Types would be Computer Lab, Desktops, DVD Players, etc.; Ex: Ticket Types would be Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Fixing Technology Items, etc.
  6. Resources will show you the resource options that are available. This will only be seen if you can create new resources and make adjustments for availability.
  7. Reports will allow you to run reports for the Ticket & Resource Reports. You are then able to export those reports to Excel documents or view them.
  8. Buildings that are imported in from the CMS of the district website will appear in this area. You can also add additional buildings like Bus Garage, Maintenance Shed, etc.
  9. Organization is your main district area. You can edit this to add your time zone building information, and also get public links for the public to be able to reserve resources or report maintenance issues.
  10. Users & Groups are where you will go in and assign users to the specific group you want them to have permission for. When staff is imported in from the CMS they will go into school groups that will allow them to have set permissions from the import to their building to create requests.  You will also be able to change permissions per user from this area if they need more or less permissions than what they are set at.
  11. Profile is where each user can go in and update their password, email, add a cell phone number to receive text messages about their request, and add a profile image if they would like.
  12. Under request you will have 2 options to start off with - Maintenance and Resources


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